Powering your Xbox One Using an Inverter: What You Need

Out camping or on the road and want to use your an Xbox one to play your favorite game? Then you’ll quite likely need a 110V inverter – battery solution to power it.

What inverter capacity (watts) should you use to run the Xbox one smoothly? What about the battery capacity to consider? And, how can you safely wire it to power the Xbox without damage and drain to its battery?

Xbox One Power Consumption

During gaming, an Xbox One can draw up to 200 watts of power – always consult the technical specifications section of your user manual.

To supply this much power, a 400-500 watt inverter or larger should be considered. But don’t forget about the TV screen! A 42″ LED TV adds around 50-80 watts.

So, plan for a 400-500 watt inverter or larger – preferably a pure sine-wave.

Battery Capacity for a 500-Watt Inverter

This depends on the game time you need. As a rough guide, a 100Ah AGM or 50Ah LiFePO4 battery will run the Xbox one for about an hour before draining the battery to 50% of its capacity.

Do you need longer runtimes than this? Then increase the battery capacity.

Tips for Powering Your Xbox One from the Car:

Now, getting the right capacity inverter and battery is important but only just part of what you need to run the Xbox safely and reliably especially if it’ll be connected to a car battery.

Here is what else you should keep in mind.

  1. Avoid Cigarette Lighter Sockets: Cigarette lighter sockets usually handle about 150-200 watts, insufficient for a 400-watt inverter. So instead, you’ll likely have to hardwire the inverter directly to the car battery or leisure battery.
  2. Choose Reputable Inverter Brands for reliability. Some inverters are overrated or prone to premature failure.

Alternative Power Sources for Your Xbox One:

Besides running the Xbox one off an inverter-battery setup, you have the option of connecting it to a portable power station.

This is portable and is one package making it more convenient to use than the inverter-battery setup.

The portable power station also has the advantage of being charged via solar panels, the vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket, or a wall outlet.

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