Can a Power Inverter Run a Hair Straightener?

Styling your hair on the go—whether in your car or RV—can be a challenge without access to shore power.

If you’re wondering whether you can use a hair straightener with an inverter, read on.

This post will help you explore the right inverter size, typical power consumption, and cost considerations.

What Size of Inverter Should You Use?

Choosing the right inverter capacity (measured in watts) depends on your hair straightener’s power requirements and any other appliances connected simultaneously.

How Many Watts Does a Hair Straightener Use?

Varied Power Draw: Hair straighteners don’t have a fixed power consumption. The wattage depends on factors like brand, model, and temperature setting.

Typically, hair straighteners draw around 45-50 watts at voltages ranging from 110V to 240V.

Here are some guidelines:

A 45-watt hair straightener (typical power draw) alone can be powered by a 100-watt pure sine wave inverter.

However, if you plan to connect additional appliances moreover simultaneously, work out the combined power draw of all those appliances and make sure that inverter’s continuous power consumption can handle that power draw!

12V Hair Straighteners

There are hair straighteners that use 12V. Some have a power draw of 50 watts – always check the power draw for your specific model.

These 12V hair straighteners can be plugged into your vehicle’s outlet.

Check that the vehicle’s outlet wiring can handle the amp draw.

Related Questions

1. Estimated Monthly Cost of Running a Hair Straightener

The costs are minimal. Assuming usage three times a week for 15-30 minutes each time (135Wh/month), this amounts to less than 2 cents.

2. Annual Consumption:

Over a year, this usage translates to under 2kWh (specifically, 1.62kWh) and costs approximately 20 cents.

Closing Thoughts

Yes, you can use an inverter to power your hair straightener. Just make sure the inverter is appropriately sized to handle both the hair straightener and any other connected appliances.

Keep in mind that modified sine wave inverters may not work with all hair straighteners.

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