Solar Garden Lights Staying ON in the Day? Here’s What to Do

When I visited Robert, my neighbor next door, I saw how beautiful his yard looked.

The golden yellow glow from the solar garden lights made his home not only warm and welcoming but safer too.

I ended up staying out longer than I usually do!

So, I bought myself four of the same lights from Amazon but unfortunately in my case, I noticed that 2 of them stayed on during the day.

Here’s what I learned from trying to get them to switch off at dawn and on at dusk as they normally should.

Why a Solar Garden Light Stays On in Daylight?

The most probable reason is that the solar garden light is faulty and just needs to be replaced.

If it doesn’t work straight from the box after following the manufacturer’s guidance on charging it first with the ON/OFF switch in the OFF position, just return them to the seller.

In most cases, there’s little that you can do to get them working again.

Hopefully, they’ve failed to work as expected within the first days of buying them so that you can get a replacement or refund from the seller.

How to Switch it On (The Right Way)

It’ll usually have an ON/OFF switch near the battery compartment. Charge it first though!

To get it to turn ON at dusk and OFF at dawn, make sure the switch is flipped to the ON position.

The light should be off during the day and if it doesn’t then there’s a fault.

What Time Do Solar Lights Turn On?

It is not based on time.

It depends on the amount of light received – there’s an inbuilt sensor/circuitry that is set at the factory to switch it on/off depending on the light level received.

That’s all there’s to it usually (double-check the solar light owner manual should yours be built differently).

Solar Garden Lights Won’t turn OFF? Here’s What to Do

1. Contact the seller and return it. If it is still within the first few days of purchase, contact the seller and return them.

2. Try resetting it. Try flipping the ON/OFF switch to the OFF position first.

Wait a few seconds then flip it back to the ON position so that it is set to light at dusk.

While there’s no guarantee that this will work, it may just solve your problem!

Closing Thoughts

If the solar garden lights fail to turn off during the day.

Return them if it is within the return period. Beyond this, try switching them OFF and then ON again.

Check if this clears the problem. There’s no guarantee though.

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