Car AC fuse keeps Blowing? (What to Do)

Frustrated that you can’t get the car AC working? Does each fuse you install keep blowing when you switch on the AC?

If so then you’ll need a guide to walk you through what to do or else you’ll dread using the car without a working AC when it is hot.

Read on to find out what might be causing the AC fuse in your car to blow and what checks you can do to quickly locate the fault.

Reasons Why the Car AC fuse Keeps Blowing

If the car AC fuse keeps blowing then it might be because:

#1. There is a short in the wiring supplying DC power to the compressor. Carefully Inspect the wire runs to and from the AC compressor connector.

Do they rest on top of any surfaces, for example, the compressor’s housing? Are there any bends or sharp turns in the wiring?

Check for chaffing and any other damage to the wire insulation to and from the compressor particularly where the wire runs are in close contact with any surfaces.

#2. Faulty AC clutch coil. If there is a short in the AC clutch coil then the fuse will blow too. To check this, disconnect the power supply to the AC clutch, replace the AC fuse and check if the fuse still blows?

If it does then there’s probably a wiring fault. Inspect the wires for damage that may shorting. If the fuse does not blow then it likely that the clutch coil is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Tip– Always replace the blown fuse with another of the same size and rating (amps). Do not fit a larger amp rating fuse!

Signs of a Blown AC Fuse

If the AC fuse blows, you may hear the “pop” sound when you switch on the AC. Once blown, there AC does not run. So, this is another sign you can look out for though not conclusive.

To confirm, you can conduct a visual nspection of the AC fuse in the fuse box near the battery under the hood. A blown fuse will have a broken fuse wire.

You can also test the fuse for continuity by using a multimeter set to read ohms. A blown fuse will give an open circuit reading on the multimeter.

Related questions

#1. Why Does the AC fuse Blow When the Car starts moving?

This might be because there is a short in the wiring. Inspect the wire sections to and from the AC particularly those ones that likely have movement as the car is moving.

Check for damaged insulation or wire chaffing as this can cause a short-circuit.

Closing Thoughts

If the car AC fuse keeps blowing, check for damaged wire connections or AC clutch coil.

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