Electrical Requirements for your Electric Furnace – Breaker and Wire Gauge Sizing

If you’ve ordered an electric furnace to heat your home, garage, or any other location, it may not come with the complete electrical kit – wires, and breakers to use to install it safely.

So, where then do you find information on the rating (amps) of the circuit breaker and wire gauge to use?

Of course, you can always consult or use the services of a qualified electrician to install it.

That said, this post aims to provide you with helpful tips on where you can find reliable information on what breaker rating (amps) to use and wire sizes to use for a safe and reliable electric furnace installation.

Note: This post is only intended as a guide – always consult a qualified electrician or check the manufacturer’s recommendations for circuit breaker rating to use for your electric furnace installation.

Circuit Breaker Sizing for your Electric Furnace

What circuit breaker size (amps) to use depends on the electric furnace make/model that you’re installing, its rated power capacity (watts or BTU/hr rating), and the corresponding voltage you plan to use usually either 208V or 230/240V.

You can consult the electric furnace manual for your particular model or check its specifications on the nameplate for the Maximum Overcurrent Protection device (MOP).

How many Breakers to use for the Electric Furnace?

The electric furnace may require one or two breakers (check the manufacturer manual) for each of the circuits supplying power to the furnace depending on what is provided on your particular model.

If two breakers are provided for, one breaker is usually used to protect the circuit supplying power to the blower motor and the second breaker for the electric heating elements.

The Electric Furnace – How Many Amps it Uses

Check the amp rating of the electric furnace – its name plate or the user manual as it varies from one model to another and depends on the rated power (kW) of the furnace and the voltage used – whether 208 or 230V.

Closing Thoughts

To select a circuit breaker for your electric furnace, check the manufacturer overcurrent protection rating (amps) on its name plate or user manual.

You can also contact a qualified electrician to advise on which circuit breaker to use.

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