Space heater Fan not Working? What to Do?

While you may enjoy the warmth from your heater without any challenges for many years, you cannot rule out an issue with the fan, such as when it stops working.

And, this is not limited to existing heaters as it can happen with a new heater.

And when it does, getting it working again whenever possible is going to be the better option.

No need to deal with refunds, replacements, and sometimes additional shipping costs!

Read on to find out why the fan may stop spinning and what you can do to fix it!

What Can Cause the Fan to Stop Working? What to Do

Switching the heater off for a few minutes may get the heater fan working reliably again. So, try this first.

The fan may not be rotating because the:

1. Fan is clogged with dust. If the heater has been in service for some time and dust has built up in the moving parts, it can restrict the smooth rotation of the fan.

With the heater switched off and unplugged, blow compressed air (from a can) into the heater vents to dislodge the dust that has built up.

Plug the heater into the wall outlet again, switch it on, and check if it runs smoothly.

If not and still under warranty, contact the supplier for a refund or replacement.

2. The fan motor windings may be burnt out. The fan may fail during regular use if the quality of parts used is low.

Contact the manufacturer if the heater is still under warranty.

It might be worthwhile investing in another heater, possibly a different more reputable brand.

Signs the Heater Fan is not Working

1. When the fan stops spinning, the heater will not heat as much as usual, the room will be colder as the room will warm up really quickly with the fan spinning and distributing the heater air.

2. The room will also be quieter than usual. While some space heater fans are quieter than others, the whirring noise from the fan is still noticeable.

An unusual silence when next to the heater can be the give way that the fan is not running.

So, it’s usually the slow buildup of heat and the quiet that draw attention to the fan not running.

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Related Questions

When does the Heater fan Run?

The fan runs should run as soon as the heater is on and for as long it is heating for the heat to spread uniformly and faster.

If it doesn’t then there’s probably an issue with the fan.

Closing Thoughts

If the space heater fan is not spinning, it could be that’s clogged up with dust that is then restricting its rotation.

Another possibility is that the motor may be burnt out – some parts and designs used in some models are not high quality.

Contact the supplier if still under warranty or replace another from a reputable brand.

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