Is the Car Battery Charger Clicking On and Off? (What to Do)

For the most part, charging a dead car battery is usually a straightforward process.

Unfortunately, as with most things in life, from time to time there can be the unusual, such as clicking on and off of the car battery charger during the charging process.

Understandably when this happens, you may have several questions – Is this normal for the charger to act this way?

Could there be an issue with the way that you’re using the charger – a connection, setting issue, or other?

Read on to find out if this is normal, what is causing it and what you can do to fix it.

Is it Normal to have Clicking?

The charger shouldn’t be repeatedly clicking during the charging process – so it is not normal to have this. In fact, some chargers that develop this, initially start off charging silently only to click after being used for a while.

Should You Continue Using the Charger?

While some chargers are able to charge batteries fully with no noticeable degradation in performance, it is advisable to contact the manufacturer when this happens.

If there is an issue with the charging process, stop using the charger, contact the manufacturer or use another charger that is in good working condition as using a faulty charger risks damage to the battery.

What Causes the Clicking? (How to Stop the Clicking)

If there’s clicking during the charging process, it may be one of two issues. It might be one of the several relays in the car that’s activated after a previously flat battery’s voltage level increases or a relay in the charger that’s clicking.

Listen carefully to determine the source of the clicking to determine the best approach.

Clicking in the Car Engine

If the clicking is coming from the car engine, check if the car battery is still connected to the car’s electrical system.

It could be one of several relay control switches in the car that is activated as the battery charge level builds up.

With the battery dead, the control systems in the car go off as there is no available power to keep them working.

As the battery voltage increases, they’re then activated and may start clicking. This can sometimes be more of an issue when using a low amp charger.

This is because there might not be enough power to keep the control systems energized while charging the battery hence the clicking, drop in battery voltage, buildup again and the cycle is repeated hence the clicking.

if using a low amp charger, consider using a charger with a higher amperage of say10-20 amps.

If only a low amperage 2 amp charger or lower is available, disconnect the car battery from the car’s electrical system and check if this stops the clicking.

Clicking of the Relay in the Car Battery Charger

To stop the clicking sound, if the charger has a reset button, press it and check if this clears the clicking.

Another fix that has worked on some chargers is to unplug it from the mains and disconnect it from the battery being charged for several hours then reconnect it.

Check to see if either fix stops the clicking sound.

Closing Thoughts

The clicking sound may be from the car’s electrical systems or the charger itself. If from the car, disconnect the car battery from the car’s electrical system and attempt to charge the battery. Check if the clicking stops.

A fault in the charger can also lead to clicking. Try disconnecting the charger or resetting it to clear the clicking.

Do not hesitate at any one time to contact the manufacturer.

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