What wire size (AWG) should you use for your appliance?

Choosing a suitable wire size for your AC appliances whether supplying power to an appliance, connecting circuit breakers or a solar PV system  has significant benefits to the safety and performance of your installation, namely:

  • ensures your appliances receive sufficient voltage to operate satisfactorily
  • minimizes wastage of energy resulting from wire resistance
  • prevents stress and damage to the wire insulation.

The wire size used for an appliance depends on the appliance load current (amps), supply voltage and length of that wire or cable that will carry the current.

Larger appliances draw more current therefore need larger diameter wires (lower gauges) to minimize voltage drop.

Indicative wire sizes for selected household appliances (air-conditioners, heaters, stoves, fridges, microwave and others)

AppliancesWire size (AWG)
Wire size (sq.mm)
Wire size (mm)
Current rating and Voltage
Thermostats, door bells, security systems, garage opener
18-220.823 - 0.3261.024 - 0.644
Light duty extension cords
light fixtures (1~ 100W) , sockets/receptables/ house outlets - TV, stereo, computer, light electronics
Light fixtures (400,600, 800 watt lamps), sockets/receptacles, microwave,fridge, electric kettle
window air-conditioner, washing machine, clothes dryer, water heater, dish washer
Central air conditioner, electric range, oven
Central air conditioner,electric furnace

*Adapted from Black and Decker: Complete Guide Domestic wiring . Note: The wire sizes are specific to NM (non-metallic sheath) type wire, ambient temperature 30°C

Choosing a wire size (AWG) given an appliance’s current rating

Some times, you have an appliance’s current rating (amps) and want to find an indicative wire gauge that can carry that current. For example, you need to find a wire size for a 20 amp circuit for your air-conditioner.

You can also use the calculator below to find indicative wire sizes that can safely carry a specified current. It works for both copper and aluminum conductors.


  • Calculator is based on  NEC 2017, ampacities of two or three insulated conductors, and assumes  0 to 2000 Volts with an ambient air temperature of 30°C (86°F)*, conductor temperature of 60°C.

For example, using the calculator, to carry 50A , the minimum wire size  for copper is 4 AWG while 1 AWG for 100A.

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