Why your Space heater may be Making a Buzzing noise (+Tips to Fix it)

While the constant buzz from your space heater may not be noticeable during the day as you go about your daily chores, in the quiet of the night, it can interrupt your sleep if installed in your bedroom.

To fix it, it is useful to understand What causes it? This post, therefore, explains the likely reasons why your heater may be buzzing and what you can do to fix it.

What Causes Buzzing?

The buzzing from the heater is usually caused by a malfunctioning component on the heater. This may be a faulty relay(s) or capacitor(s) that needs to be replaced.

Is this Normal?

While older, cheaper brands may buzz, a well-designed heater should be able to heat as required but silently.

The buzzing sound from the heater likely indicates a faulty component usually a relay.

Is it a recent purchase or has the heater been working silently and only started buzzing recently?

If it is a recent purchase and is under warranty you can take it back to the supplier.

In case the heater has only recently started buzzing, then it is likely a fault in the heater. This next section explains in detail what this is and what you can do.

How to Stop the Buzzing

If the heater is making a buzzing sound, it may be from a faulty component on the heater control board.

Make sure the heater is disconnected from the grid by either unplugging it from the wall outlet or disconnecting the breaker.

Contact a qualified electrician if you don’t have the skills. Inspect the relay(s) or capacitor(s) for damage.

It is possible that either or both of these may be faulty and have to be replaced.

Related Questions

Humming in a Space heater – What to Do?

In most if not all heaters there’ll be a humming sound only that is hardly noticeable unless you’re very close to the heater and even then you probably need to listen intently is likely from the transformer plates.

The heater usually has an inbuilt transformer that steps down the 120V supply from the wall outlet to 12V that powers the control circuitry in the heater. In the process, there’s a humming sound.

Should it be loud or sound unusual, do not hesitate to contact the space heater manufacturer or a qualified electrician.

Baseboard heater Making Noise – What to Do?

A baseboard heater may give off as a result of the expansion of the element as it heats up if not properly fixed to the wall.

You may have to mount it on the wall such that it aligns firmly with the wall for the noise to stop.

Closing Thoughts

The buzzing sound is usually not normal in a well-designed heater. It usually indicates a failing component on the control board, usually a relay or capacitor. Contact a qualified technician for support if you do not have the skills.

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