Why your RV Converter Fuses Keep Blowing (+What to Do)

The reverse polarity fuses in your RV converter keep popping. This may not be limited to converters that have been in service for some time but can also be the case with a new converter.

So, when the fuses keep blowing, where do you start? What should you check?

If this is the dilemma you’re facing then read on. This post outlines some of the common reasons why your converter’s fuses may be blowing, what checks you can do, and also suggest fixes that hopefully can help you get your converter working reliably again.

Note: This is intended for informational purposes. Always consult the RV converter troubleshooting manual or the supplier.

Possible Reasons – Why your RV Converter Fuses may be Blowing

If the RV converter fuses keep blowing, it may be because of the following reasons:

#1. The RV battery connections may be reversed. If the fuses blow after making changes to the battery bank, such as adding an extra battery then it’s worthwhile confirming that the battery cables have not been accidentally reversed.

It may look straightforward but has happened before. Always confirm that the battery bank positive cable is connected to the positive terminal on the RV converter and the negative cable (usually black in color) to the negative terminal on the converter.

#2. The batteries are damaged battery and have an internal short. This is more likely to happen with batteries that have been in service for several years than with a set of new batteries. Check old the batteries are.

Do they overheat when being charged? If you’ve got a multimeter with you, measure the battery voltages.

A fully charged battery should measure about 12.6V DC. If the voltages are lower than 12V, get the batteries load tested to check if they are still in good health.

#3. An internal fault in the converter itself may cause the fuses to blow. If the batteries are in good health and are wired correctly yet still the fuses blow even when no appliances are connected then the converter may have an internal fault.

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What to Do if RV Converter Fuses keep blowing at irregular intervals?

If the fuses blow at irregular intervals, it might be a case of an intermittent fault in the wire connections. Perhaps there is a loose wire connection somewhere.

Inspect the wire connections to and from the converter for any damage to the insulation. It is also possible that there is a short along the cable length when the wires are moved.

To help check this, look out for any patterns when the fuse blows, for example, there might be movement in one or more wires to or from the converter.

This can provide clues what might be triggering the fuse blow.

Closing Thoughts

If the RV converter fuses keep blowing check that the battery cables are connected the right way and there is no damage to the batteries.

It is also possible that the converter has an internal short.

Hope this helps!

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