What can you Run off a 3,500 watt Inverter generator?

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Are you considering a generator solution powerful enough to run the essential appliances in your RV or your home appliances in case of a power outage?

Then perhaps the 3,500 watt inverter generator might be the right fit for your needs.

But which appliances should you connect to it? Which ones should you avoid?

This post lists what appliances (with examples) you may be able to run with the generator, and whether it is can be used with an RV.

What will a 3,500-Watt Inverter Generator Run?

This generator can run several household appliances and power tools provided you do not exceed its running and starting power limits.

A 3,500 watt generator may be able to supply up to 3,500 watts of continuous power and a surge power rating of about 4300 watts depending on the generator.

Check your generator’s owner manual for its power limits.

How Many Appliances Can You Run Off the Generator?

You can run as many appliances off this generator provided you do not exceed its starting power and continuous power requirements.

Examples of appliances you can connect and power off this generator:

  • 2 fridges – each ~200 watts = 400 watts
  • 2 freezers -each ~180 watts = 360 watts
  • coffee maker ~ 600 watts
  • TV ~ 50 watts
  • 2 Laptops ~ 2 x 40 watts = 80 watts
  • 8,000 BTU Window AC ~ 700 watts running

The combined power draw is approximately 2,190 watts with about 1,310 watts to spare.

How Many amps Can the Generator Supply?

A good quality 3,5000 watt generator can supply about 30 amps continuously at 120V.

Will a 3,500 watt Inverter generator Run an RV Camper?

Yes, a 3,500 watt generator is perfect for a 30 amp camper. In fact, several generators come fitted with a 30A special outlet for connecting to an RV. Check if your inverter generator has one.

Will a 3,500 Watt Inverter Generator Run an AC?

Yes, a 3,500 watt inverter generator can run an AC provided it does not exceed the generator’s power limits.

Some manufactures state that their 3,500 watt generators may be able to run up to 15,000 BTU AC.

Confirm if this is the case with your inverter generator and what makes/models may be able to run off it.

Note, this will require that you connect fewer lower power appliances within the available power limit of the AC.

How Long the Generator Can Run for?

An inverter generator runtime depends on the power consumption of connected appliances, gas added, and the efficiency of the generator.

As an example, a 3,500 watt generator can run for up to 10-12 hours depending on the power consumption of connected appliances.

Final Thoughts

A 3,500 watt generator is a good choice of a power backup solution for your home during a blackout or to power your appliances while out in your RV.

It can be used to power many household appliances including fridges, freezers, coffee makers, and TVs simultaneously including selected airconditioners provided its power limits are not exceeded.

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