Online calculator for converting air-conditioner kW<>Ton<>BTU

Use this calculator to easily and accurately convert commonly used air-conditioner sizing units such as:

  • Ton to BTU
  • Ton to kW
  • BTU to Ton
  • BTU to kW

The calculator above uses the conversion ratios below.

Air-conditioner capacity conversion ratios

To convert air-conditioner BTU to Ton, kW, and vice-versa, use the following conversion ratios:

  • 1 Ton =3.517kW
  • 1 Ton =12,000 BTU

Alternatively, you can refer to the table below to easily convert common air-conditioner capacities in Ton to BTU and kW and vice-versa.

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CRUD em Python com SQLite | Formulário Python Tkinter | parte #02
No.Air-conditioner size (Ton)Air-conditioner size (BTU)Air-conditioner size (kW)

Table showing equivalent BTU and KW capacities for selected air-conditioner capacities (Ton)


  • The 9,000 and 12,000 BTU air-conditioners are usually available in both the 115V and 208-230VAC versions.
  • Air conditioners with cooling capacity higher than 12,000 BTU are in the higher 208-230VAC range.

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