Inverter Starts and Stops Repeatedly? – Fixes that Work

Thanks to your inverter backup power solution, you’re able to continue playing your favorite online game off the desktop computer with friends or watch your favorite show when the grid goes down only for the inverter to power down and restart thereafter on its own.

Not once but several times until you’re forced to switch off your appliances else they are damaged.

What Causes the inverter to stop and start several times and how can you fix it?

If you’re seeking answers to questions such as these, then read on.

This post lists the common reasons why a power inverter may restart repeatedly and suggests solutions that may be able to get your inverter working reliably again.

What Causes an Inverter to Restart Every so Often?

If your inverter keeps shutting down and restarting, it may be because of the following reasons.

#1. The inverter may be overheating. Is there sufficient airflow around the inverter? An inverter will usually shut down when its temperature rises to dangerous levels or else it fails.

And when it shuts down, it’ll only be restarted only after it has cooled down.

Suggested Fix

Therefore check if the inverter may be overheating. If so, make sure it is properly ventilated. There should be no objects blocking the inverter vents.

Make sure too that it is installed in a cool dry place, away from any heat source including direct sunshine is not exposed to direct sun, or else it will shut down.

2. There is a heavy current draw from the battery as an appliance starts causing a significant voltage drop that then triggers the inverter’s low battery shutdown condition.

Is the inverter shutting down when an appliance with a high current draw is switched on?

Being able to monitor and record the lowest battery voltage with a multimeter can help confirm if indeed a low battery condition is triggered.

Suggested Fix

Ensure that the battery is sufficiently charged. Make sure the inverter battery setup, including wire sizes, and battery capacity is sufficiently sized to handle the surge power draw of the connected appliances.

3. An appliance or the wiring from the inverter to the appliance is faulty. A faulty appliance or wiring with an intermittent short can lead to the inverter shutting down from an overload fault condition.

Does the inverter shut down when an appliance or its appliances is moved?

Is there any sign of sparks or burnt smell around the appliance or cabling? These can point to a short in the cabling or in the appliance.

Suggested Fix

Replace the suspect cabling or appliance with another. Check if this solves the repeated shutdown or restart of the inverter.

4. It might be that the inverter is faulty. If you’ve checked and confirmed that the inverter is well ventilated, the battery cables and capacity are adequately sized and the battery is sufficiently charged then it might be a case of a faulty inverter.

Arrange to repair or replace the inverter with another.

Why you Need to Fix it Urgently

If the inverter restarts every so often (on its own) not only does it annoy as it interrupts your usage of the appliance – TV, computer, and others it can also damage the appliance.

Computer programs may be corrupted and some appliances such as TVs can suffer from component failure.

Closing Thoughts

If your power inverter shuts down and restarts repeatedly, it may be because it is overheating, there is shorting of cables, an internal short in the connected appliance, or a heavy current draw by the connected appliance that causes it to shut down from a current overload.

Ensure that the inverter is well ventilated, battery cables and battery are adequately sized and there is no short in the cabling or connected appliance.

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