How to Clean a Car Alternator Safely

How do you clean a dirty car alternator without damaging it? Perhaps you spent the weekend driving along some dirt or muddy roads and the alternator is unsightly, covered with mud.

Or you just want to give the alternator a thorough clean, how do you do it safely without affecting the lifespan and performance of the alternator?

If you need answers to these questions then read on.

4 Easy Steps to Safely Clean a Dirty Alternator

1. Remove the car alternator from the car (recommended). Removing it minimizes the risk of an electrical short as you clean it since it is disconnected from the battery. If the alternator is caked up, it’s probably best to remove it first for a thorough clean.

2. Use a brush to remove as much dirt or mud from the alternator housing.

3. Give it a spray of water to remove as much dirt or mud particles that may be stuck in or on the alternator.

4. Leave the alternator to dry completely or blow dry it using say a leaf blow until it is dry and only then should you install it.

How to Safely Remove Oil from an Alternator?

Safety: Disconnect from the battery and remove it from the car engine for best results. Make sure to thoroughly dry the alternator before installing it.

In case of an oil leak, some of the oil may get onto and into the car alternator. To remove it, remove the alternator from the car (recommended) to clean it easily and more thoroughly.

Use a mild car wash soap to remove the oil and then apply water to remove the soapy mixture from the alternator.

To dry the alternator, use compressed air or a leaf power to dry it. Make sure the alternator is thoroughly dry.

Alternative Cleaners

You can also use a spray-on and rise cleaner product to save you the effort of scrubbing the alternator.

Make sure it is not corrosive and is safe to use on the alternator case, rubber, and plastic that you’ll like to find on the stud and wire, windings. One such product is the S100 total cycle cleaner bottle.

Closing Thoughts

If an alternator is dirty and you wish to clean it, remove it from the car for easy and thorough cleaning. Brush off the dirt and follow up with water to wash off any mud or dirt particles. Make sure to thoroughly dry the alternator before installing it back in the car.

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