How Expensive it is to Run a 1,000 Watt Electric Heater (+ How Many sq. ft to Heat)

Are you looking for a heating solution to keep your camper or small room warm and comfortable during the cold winters?

Depending on how large the space you plan to heat is, a 1000 watt heater may be just what you need.

That said, there are other factors you should consider before you decide for example whether the room is insulated or not.

An uninsulated space may require a larger capacity heater.

Read on to find out how much it can cost you to run the heater, and how large a space it is suited.

Is a 1000 watt Heater Expensive to Run?

With utility power, the daily and monthly costs of running a 1000 watt heater are minimal.

It can cost up to USD 2.88 per day (the cost of 2 x 20 oz bottles of Coca-Cola) and USD 86.4 a month to run the heater assuming a tariff of USD 0.12 per kWh.

This assumes that the heater is set to the highest setting and is running continuously!

Actual costs will likely be lower as in practice, the heater will likely be cycling on and off and not running continuously.

Also, depending on the weather, you may not need to run it at the highest temperature setting.

How Many Units of Electricity?

The electric heater consumes about 24kWh or 24 units of electricity a day assuming it is run at maximum power throughout the day.

Over a month, the heater consumes approximately 720 kWh or 720 units if run constantly at maximum power.

In reality, though, usage patterns are likely to vary. For instance, the heater may run at a lower power setting or be switched off sometimes.

What Many sq. ft can you Heat with a 1000 watt Heater?

You can use the heater to heat spaces of about 125 sq. ft depending on the design of the heater and how well insulated the room is.

How Hot is an 1,000 Watt Heater

The electric heater will likely be able to heat up to temperatures as high as 85 °F.

Check your heater’s owner manual to confirm. The heater may have an inbuilt or use an external thermostat to set the desired temperature.

How many BTU?

At maximum temperature, the heater can put out as much as 3,400 BTU of heat per hour.

How much Electricity a Heater consumes

How much it costs to run for 24 hours

A 1000 watt heater costs up to about USD 2.88 a day to run assuming it is set to the highest temperature over the 24 hours.

This assumes an electricity tariff of 12 cents per kWh.

The calculation

Daily energy costs = 1000 watts x 24 hrs = 24,000 watts or 24kWh. At 12 cents per kWh, the running cost of a heater is USD 2.88 from 0.12 USD x 24 kWh.

Actual energy costs can be lower if, for example, the heater is used at medium or low power instead of high, run for a shorter duration, or both.

Hourly energy costs

It costs up to about 12 US cents to run the heater per hour.

Hourly energy costs are calculated from:

1000 watts x1 hr = 1000 watts or 1kWh. At 12 cents per kWh, the running cost of a heater is USD 0.12 from 0.12 USD x 1 kWh.

Monthly energy costs

The heater costs up to about USD 86.4 a month to run assuming it is run at maximum power for 24 hours every day for a month.

This assumes an electricity tariff of 12 cents per kWh. This is from 1000 watts x 24 hours x 30 days x 12 US cents

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Why your Heater may not be Working properly (+Tips to Fix it!)

If your heater is not working properly, you can check:

#1. Whether the fan is working properly or not. Listen or check the back of the heater if the fan is running or not.

Without a working fan, the heater cannot circulate warm air properly.

#2. Check the heater placement. Position the heater such that there are no obstacles in its path for proper circulation of warm air.

Placing the heater close to the ground helps spreads the heat more evenly as the cold heavier air rises once it is heated.

Final Word

Your 1000 watt electric heater costs about USD 87 a month to run a month. Quite likely lower as this cost estimate assumes it is running continuously at maximum temperature.

Note: This cost estimate assumes an electric tariff of USD 0.12 per kWh.

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