Considering an Inverter for a Shop Vac? Find out What Size you Need

If you need a shop vac to do heavy-duty cleaning jobs at shops, garages, or other locations or renovation or rebuilding work where there is no grid power connection then you may want to consider an inverter power solution.

But what size of inverter should you use for a shop vac? What battery bank size (Ah) should you connect to it?

For answers to these questions and alternative ways of powering a shop vac, read on.

The Size of Inverter to Use for a Shop Vac

A large capacity shop vac with a rated power consumption of about 1,500 watts, 12-13 amp draw, and 6.6 Hp will probably be able to run off a 2,500-3,000 watt inverter easily. Depending on how long you plan to run it, the size of a battery bank (Ah) to power the inverter can be a limitation.

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How Many Batteries? What Size of Battery (Ah)?

This depends on how long you plan to run the shop vac for and what additional capacity you need for other appliances. A 300Ah AGM battery bank for instance can run a shop vac with a 12-13 amp draw, and 6.6 Hp for at least an hour.

You can use 2 x 150 Ah AGM battery banks connected in parallel or larger to power this shop vac. A smaller battery bank can suffice as well if you only need to use it for a shorter duration.

How Many Amps a Shop Vac Uses?

This really depends on the capacity of the shop vac. A large-capacity shop vac may draw as much as 12-13 amps at 120V. Consult the electrical specifications section of the owner manual for your specific model’s amp draw.

Can a Shop VAC Run Off an Inverter?

Yes, you can run a shop vac off an inverter. The size of inverter (watts) you choose should be based on the particular shop vac’s power requirements. Make sure the inverter is sized enough to handle both the continuous and surge power draw of the shop vac.

Alternatives to Using an Inverter

You can also use a portable inverter generator instead. The advantage of the generator is it costs less, can run longer and there is no need to wait for the batteries to charge.

All you need to do is ensure there’s enough gas in the generator. A 2,000-3000 watt inverter generator should be sufficient for powering a 6.5 Hp, 1500 watt shop vac.

Note. The generator will require periodic maintenance.

Closing Thoughts

You can power a shop vac off an inverter. However, the runtime available will be limited to the available battery capacity. You can use a 2,500-3000 watt inverter to power a 6.5 Hp, 1500 watt shop vac or smaller in case of a shop vac with a lower power consumption.

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