AWG Size Chart

The table below shows the AWG wire size and the equivalent diameter in both inches (in) and mm as well as cross-sectional area in cmils, kcmils and To find equivalent wire sizes for various AWG sizes Using the table, for … Read more

DC Voltage drop calculator

This online calculator can be used to estimate the voltage drop (volts), voltage drop (%) and the final voltage after the voltage drop for DC circuits. Formula for calculating voltage drop This voltage drop calculator is based on the formula, … Read more

What is the amp rating for 12 gauge wire?

The amp rating of 12-gauge copper wire with insulation type TW/UF is 20 amps at 60°C (140°F). It is recommended that you connect a total load of 1920 Watts (80%) for safety purposes  though it can carry a maximum load of … Read more