Car Battery Terminals Stuck? How you Can Remove them

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Besides affecting if and how quickly a car battery is charged, with severe corrosion, car battery cable terminals can get stuck so that no matter how much you turn the bolt or nut, it does not loosen and the battery terminal cannot be removed from the battery post.

How can you safely and easily remove the car battery terminal then? Is there a special liquid that you can apply to the terminals? Or a special tool that you can use to easily remove them?

Read on for tips to help you remove stuck battery cable terminals including what tools or solutions you can apply to easily remove them.

How to Loosen Stuck Car battery terminal?

If the car battery terminals are stuck, try these tips:

#1. Use a wrench or set of pliers

First, remove as much corrosion as you can. To do this, pour a mixture of baking soda in water over the stuck battery terminal and use a wire brush to scrape away the corrosion.

You can also use a battery cleaner spray to remove the corrosion.

Depending on the battery terminal type of your battery, you may have to hold the bolt head still with a wrench while using another wrench to loosen the connecting nut.

Make sure that you turn the wrench the right way. You may be tightening the bolt instead of loosening it.

#2. Apply penetrating oil like pb blaster

You can also apply some penetrating oil like pb blaster. Spray it onto the stuck terminals and then try to loosen the battery terminal. If it comes off, well and good.

#3. Use a battery terminal puller

You can also try using a battery terminal puller to remove stuck battery terminals without damaging the battery post.

#4. Take it to a qualified mechanic or if you are handy, try using a rotary saw following the recommended safety precautions. The rotary saw can gently cut the sides of the battery terminal allowing you to widen the terminal and easily remove it from the battery post.

Note, in some cases, the battery terminals may be severely damaged and need to be replaced. Fortunately, these are widely available.

You may also have to cut back more of the cable if corroded to expose the uncorroded section so that you connect the freshly exposed copper wire to the new battery terminal.

Note: Replace the battery cable if the remaining cable length is not long enough to attach a battery terminal to the battery post without stretching and stressing it.

Can you use Wd40?

WD-40 is a contact cleaner that removes greases and light oils with no residue to that you have a good firm, clean electrical contact.

It will likely not work with removing stuck battery terminals.

Try using a product like Pb blaster to remove rust and corrosion and keep it away.

Related questions

#1. How to Remove a Stripped Bolt?

If the bolt threads are stripped then use a hacksaw to carefully cut the bolt head taking care not to damage the battery bost or battery. Once the head is off then you should be able to remove the bolt easily.

Replace with new bolt and nut set.

#2. How to Remove a Car Battery that is Stuck to its Tray

If your car battery is stuck to the tray, inspect the battery carefully and look out for any mounting bolts that may be anchoring the battery to the tray.

You’ll need to remove these bolts and clamp first before you can lift the battery off the tray.

#3. Can You Remove Car Battery without Tools

You’ll likely need tools – a wrench or pliers to loosen the bolts and nuts that are securing the battery terminals to the posts.

The terminals are secured firmly onto the battery posts for maximum power transfer to and from the battery.

You may also be interested in what happens when the car battery terminals are disconnected while driving?

Final Thoughts

If the battery terminal is stuck to the battery post from the buildup of corrosion, try loosening the terminal mounting bolt and nut using a wrench and or plier.

Make sure that you are turning the bolt the right way, i.e. to loosen vs. tighten it.

Additionally, applying a penetrating oil like pb blaster may help or a tool like the terminal puller can help.

In some situations, you may have to cut away part of the terminal so that it is easy to remove from the battery post.

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