175 watt Inverter – What Can you Run?

If you need to power AC appliances while on the road, you’ll need an inverter. If all the power appliances you’d like to run are low-power, you might want to consider a 175-watt inverter. So, what appliances can you run safely and reliably off this inverter? How long will it run off a car battery?

Read on for which appliances you can safely run and the limitations of the 175-watt inverter.

What Can a 175-Watt Inverter Run?

The 175-watt inverter is suited to power low-power appliances provided their combined continuous power consumption is limited to 175 watts and surge power rating is up to 210 watts (estimated). Exceeding these limits can damage the inverter or the appliance will not work properly.

*Examples of appliances you can run off a 175-watt inverter are:

  • TV
  • Laptop
  • DVD
  • Coolers

Note: This list is not exhaustive.

*Always check the power consumption (watts) of the appliance to make sure it does not exceed the power limits the inverter can handle.

Will the Inverter Run Medical Appliances?

A modified sine wave 175-watt inverter is not suited to running medical appliances such as a CPAP or nebulizer machine. Use a pure sinewave inverter that can handle the power draw of the connected appliances.

Will it run a TV?

Yes, an inverter can run a TV provided it’s continuous and surge power consumption is about 175 watts and 210 watts respectively (estimated). Refer to the owner manual of the inverter to confirm its continuous and surge power consumption,

Can You Plug the Inverter into a Car’s Cigarette Lighter Socket?

A typical cigarette lighter socket may be able to safely handle a current draw of 10-15 amps or 120 – 180 watts. Check the recommended limits for the cigarette lighter sockets.

A 175-watt inverter can be plugged into a cigarette lighter socket that can support up to 180 watts of power. Confirm the power limits of your car’s cigarette lighter socket.

How Many Amps Does a 175-watt Inverter Use

A 175-watt inverter can drop up to an estimated 18 amps of DC power at 12V.

How Long Will a Car Battery Run a 175-Watt Inverter?

This depends on the power consumption watts and the battery capacity (Ah). As, an example, a fully loaded 175-watt inverter can run for about 1.5 hours off a fully charged 55 Ah battery.


A 175-watt inverter is ideally suited to powering low-power consuming appliances such as TVs, laptops, DVD players, and cooler. Make sure the combined power draw on the inverter does not exceed 175 watts of continuous power and 210 watts of surge power (estimated).

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